Technology Highlights

    1°ĘDexing is one of the first to introduce Osborne’s intelligent electronic sow feeding system in the pig industry, which makes it possible to feed and manage adequately.

    2°ĘBy introducing modern feed conveying system from Taiwan, Dexing realizes automatically feed conveying and pig feeding, which effectively improves work efficiency by 40% and reduces feed wastage by 12%. In addition, this system avoids feed to cross-contact with external environment, thus, moldy feed is prevented, so as disease spreading. In a word, the modern feed conveying system lays a solid foundation for healthy pig production.

    3°ĘBy introducing advanced equipment and facilities such as feeder, and reconstructing pig barns innovatively, Dexing makes remarkable success on disease preventing and controlling, and finally gets rid of medicine using. Therefore, pigs health level and growth rate is increased significantly, which makes it possible for free-biotics pig production.

    4°ĘBy applying innovative design to reconstruct the pig barn, using high level of fully slatted flooring, liquid hog manure technology, colling pad in negative ventilation system, and intelligent electronic system to automatically control the environment and air quality to a constant condition, which effectively improves the environment in the barn. In addition, the new barn design reduces polluted water emission by over 60%, saving a large amount of water. After solid-liquid separation, fecal residue can be used to irrigate plant, which turns waste into treasure. These energy conservation model is well recognized by the same occupation and is promoted to apply.

    5°ĘBy repeated trials and analysis, Dexing finally adopts the most advanced functional material which is made of plastic foam to build the pig barn’s roof. This innovative design keeps the barn warm in winter and cool in summer, which saves electricity by 15%. The special material is featured as no rust, no corrosion, good soundproofing and strong wind resistance, and all the modulus is complied with environment controlling, saving further maintenance cost by 20%.

    6°ĘBy building up large scale of sewage treatment biogas facilities and biogas power generation system, and adopting advanced animal manure and slurry treatment process for harmless disposal. The biogas is used to keep the piglets house warm as well as living fuel for staffs, the slurry can be used for plant irrigation. Thus, Dexing forms a dimensional ecological farming model with pig, biogas and vegetable, which is a way to utilize recycling energy and waste to protect environment.